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Fuel Cells: Polymers, platinum and a poster prize

25.04.2016 Last summer Marina Khaneft got the poster prize at the 5th European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF2015) for their contribution, now the associated detailed report to the catalytic layers of high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells is published online: M. Khaneft et...[more]

Category: SPHERES, Current, Science

Neutrons save cultural heritage from the Iron Age

April 8, 2016 In Bavaria archaeologists are happy about numerous remains from the past, especially from the time of the Celts who inhabited Central Europe from the 8th to the 1st century before Christ. For good reason this period is called the "Iron Age" because many...[more]

Category: Current, Science, PGAA

Cellular "Light Switch" Analysed Using Neutron Scattering

March 23, 2016 The internal movements of proteins can be important for their functionality; researchers are discovering more and more examples of this. Now, with the aid of neutron spectroscopy, dynamic processes have also been detected in so-called "LOV...[more]

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