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VDI-TUM experts meeting about high performance materials

Technical University of Munich and German Engineering Association (VDI) organize for the sixth time an experts meeting at the FRM II on 15th September 2016. This workshop (in German language!) is on high performance materials in use. Registration is possible now.

Category: Current, Industry, longterm announcements

Reversed symmetry

Two research teams have studied the new class of iron-based superconductors at the instrument PUMA of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz centre and independently came to the same surprising result: The superconducting Cooper pairs change their symmetry.[more]

Category: Current, Science, PUMA

Better "packaging" could make drugs easier on patients

An international research team has discovered the mechanism by which a pharmaceutical excipient from the class of block copolymers improves the solubility of large quantities of a poorly water-soluble active substance.

Category: Current, KWS-1, press release
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