Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)



New material could cut down the cost of medical imaging

Indian researchers have engineered a piezoelectric ceramic with the highest shape changing value reported so far for polycrystalline ceramics and close to the record set by single crystals. Using neutron scattering at the instrument SPODI, they could explain the mechanism of the new material. [more]


Bringing together communities: MLZ Conference 2018 Neutrons for Culture and Art

The international MLZ Conference 2018 “Neutrons for Culture and Art” was held at beautiful Lenggries, Germany, not far away from Munich in southern Bavaria between June 19th and 22nd, 2018. More than 40 scientists and staff members of several museums had accepted the invitation and came together for this meeting at the Arabella Brauneck Hotel.[more]


Symmetry tuning in molecular nanomagnets: Neutrons reveal the difference

A Danish-based team of international researchers has gauged the effect of a chemistry-induced symmetry change in lanthanides-based molecular nanomagnets. The results, achieved at the MLZ time-of-flight spectrometer TOFTOF and complementary techniques, recently appeared in Nature Communications and Advanced Functional Materials. [more]