Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)



First observation: new type of entanglement in a 2D quantum material

Scientists from EPFL and PSI have shown experimentally, for the first time, a quantum phase transition in strontium copper borate, the only material to date that realizes a famous quantum many-body model. Many physical phenomena can be modeled with relatively simple math. But, in the quantum world there are a vast number of intriguing phenomena...[more]


Excellent magazine: Silver for CORE

The magazine CORE of the Deutsches Atomforum is dealing with topics related to all professions of nuclear engineering. The excellent edition also includes an interview with Prof. Petry titled "We start designing with the atom "(pages 6 and 7). [more]


Mystery of an enigmatic impression in the braincase solved

Since several decades an enigmatic impression in the braincase of the forerunners of mammals caused palaeontologists headache. Recently, Michael LaaƟ could clarify the possible function of this chamber by means of neutron tomography at the instrument ANTARES. [more]