Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)



Review of the year 2005

Successful Start of Routine Operation at FRM II[more]


Third cycle of FRM-II is running

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On July,12th the FRM-II was started up, as scheduled, to the nominal power of 20MW. Thus the third power cycle of FRM-II is running. With a short, planned break in early August, the end-of-cycle is scheduled for September 6th 2005.[more]


End of second cycle

After successful operation of 48 days the reactor was shut down on 24.6.2005 at 10:46 due to a perturbation on a sensor monitoring the flux of the cooling water. The cooling itself was not disturbed. This shut down ends the second cycle. The remaining 4 days of operation will be used later. The planed maintenance goes on as scheduled. The third...[more]