On the death of Prof. Lothar Köster on September 7, 2015

10.09.2015 Shortly before his 93rd birthday Prof. Dr. Lothar Köster passed away on September 7, 2015 in Garching. The physicist was Technical Director of the first German research reactor München (FRM) for 27 years – from 1960 until 1987. The neutron source therefore owes him a great gratitude and shares the grief of his family. Lothar Köster...[more]


EU launches Cremlin project

01.09.2015 Today (September 1, 2015) a new cooperation project starts, which is headed by MLZ partner JCNS: CREMLIN (Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures) shall promote the EU-Russia cooperation in the planning, construction and scientific use of large scale facilities. The European Union supports...[more]


Neutrons decrypt the dynamics of magnetic helices

29.08.2015 Manganese silicon is the preferred crystal of scientists going in for magnetic research: it can be manufactured for some time as relatively large single crystal, and is particularly suited to investigate the magnetic properties. Now theoretical and experimental physicists from the TU Munich, the MLZ and the University of Cologne...[more]


Brilliant Future for Neutron Research

28.08.2015 As of today, the European Union rises the neutron source European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden, which is under construction, to a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). The legal form ERIC facilitates the joint development and operation of research infrastructures of European interest, for example by direct...[more]


Helmholtz International Fellow from Japan is researching in Garching

20.08.2015 Dr. Kazuhisa Kakurai, this year's winner of the Helmholtz International Fellow Award, just arrived at the MLZ. The stay and the experiments he will conduct here at the research neutron source are part of the award.   This possibility for carrying out experiments he appreciates most: "Here in Garching I am interested in...[more]


Recipe Book for Colloids

17.08.2015 New Study shows Correlation between Microscopic Structures and Macroscopic Properties Researchers from Jülich have, together with colleagues from Austria, Italy, Colombia and the USA, developed a model system for so-called soft colloids. The model gives us a better understanding of correlations between the atomic structure of...[more]


"Brilliantly combined, Mr. Holmes": Neutron Crystallography for biology

14.08.2015 A proton transfer or protonation of certain molecular groups is usually essential for the functioning of biological molecules such as enzymes or antibodies. Unlike many other structural resolution techniques neutrons can distinguish protons very well by other building blocks. In combination with other methods of investigation,...[more]


The Long Night of Science - too short anyway

29.06.2015 This year 373 visitors landed a place in one of the coveted guided tours. All tours offered were already booked up at 7 pm. Many interested visitors therefore had to be rejected, however, appointed with a business card of the visitor service, which gives them the opportunity to come separately later. The Radiation Protection Unit...[more]


Research for Breakfast ...

25.06.2015 ... is a series of events of the Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria (IHK), which addresses to entrepreneurs, development and production managers and technology-oriented service providers. On June 23, therefore 20 IHK members from various sectors appeared in the morning at 8 am in order to learn about the testing of...[more]


Who is climbing on the Atomic Egg’s roof?

08.06.2015 The dome of the Atomic Egg is getting in the tooth and is routinely checked. It is a listed building and is therefore carefully preserved. At first it is freed from moss, lichen, bird droppings and flaking on the existing coating. About the folds of the dome plates and the vertical metal sheets at the top of the dome a new expansion...[more]