BMBF supports FRM II-contribution to the design of the ESS

The planned European Spallation Neutron Source (ESS) in Sweden is supported from Bavaria. Scientists of the FRM II will help to develop instruments and novel detectors. [more]


MaMaSELF Master's now for two years

The Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities (MaMaSELF) is now a two years' programme. Application deadlines for 2011/2012 are January 26th and May 20th 2011.[more]


Nature publication: New magnetic excitations in a cuprate superconductor

Measurements at the FRM II three axes spectrometer PUMA contributed to the finding of a new type of magnetic excitations in cuprate superconductors. The results have been published on November 11th in the renowned scientific journal Nature. [more]


Tobias Unruh becomes a professor at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Dr. Tobias Unruh will change to the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg. After nine years at the FRM II, he accepted the offer of a professorship for “Nanomaterials Characterization (Scattering Methods)”.[more]


3. FRM II User Meeting with 150 participants

Photos are online now![more]


First measurements with the new instrument BioDiff

Another new instrument at the FRM II: The monochromatic single crystal diffractometer BioDiff has received the first neutrons last week. [more]


Experimental Facilities booklet published

Comprehensive information about all instruments at the FRM II is now available. [more]


IAEA Director General visits neutron source

At the beginning of his inaugural visit to Germany, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano toured on October 6th the high intensity neutron source FRM II. [more]


International workshop on sample environment

The FRM II hosts the international workshop on sample environment at neutron scattering facilities these days. Until Friday, October 1st, about 60 participants from 10 different nations discuss measurements at high pressure, under magnetic fields or extreme temperatures.[more]


FRM II User Meeting, October 15th, 2010: Preliminary programme available!

The FRM II invites its users to participate in the third User Meeting on October 15th, 2010! The preliminary programme is available for download.