Superconductivity at high temperatures

Magnetic interactions could cause certain materials to conduct electricity without loss of power. This happens at higher temperatures than with state of the art superconductors like lead.[more]


FRM II News No. 3

The third issue of the FRM II newsletter is available![more]


Bauernfeind-Medal for Dr. Ingo Neuhaus

The Technische Universitaet Muenchen awards Dr. Ingo Neuhaus, Technical Director of the FRM II, with the Karl Max von Bauernfeind-Medal.[more]


DFG-funding for FRM II

The project Transregio TRR 80 from TU München and the university of Augsburg „From Electronic Correlations to Functionality“ receives funding from the German Research Foundation. A big part of the experiments take place at the FRM II. [more]


Award for FRM II PhD-student

Harald Breitkreutz will receive the award for young academics of the German association of radiation protection. [more]


Open doors on 24th October from 11 until 18h


Neutronscatterers will be sad to learn of the death of Prof. Dr. Franz Schwabl

Professor Franz Schwabl, holder of the chair for Theoretical Physics V from 1982 through 2003 died on 4th August 2009.  Research of Franz Schwabl was concerned with magnetic materials, structure formation in driven, dissipative non-equilibrum systems, ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials.  Numerous experiments in the field of...[more]


Tracking down water in aircraft

FRM II uses neutrons to measure moisture in insulation.[more]


FRM II News No. 2

The second issue of the FRM II newsletter is available![more]


New brochure "Forschung mit Neutronen"

The neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz has published a new brochure. [more]