Erasmus Mundus MaMaSELF

Apply now: Deadline for Non-European students: 16 February 2009 Erasmus Mundus "European Master of Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities" (MaMaSELF) - Application for period of study 2009/2010[more]


Film about FRM II

With the "Exzellenzinitiative" the DFG (German Research association) starts a videoportal about the funded "Exzellenzcluster". A film about the Munich Cluster "Origin and Structure of the Universe" can also be watched.[more]


Looking back: Great availability 2008

In the year 2008 the FRM II was available on 251 days for its users. This equals 100 percent.[more]


FRM II News published

Right before the end of this year and before the next proposal round, the first edition of the FRM II newsletter has been published today. [more]


In mourning of Dr. Michael Prager

With deep sadness we have received the news of the sudden death of Dr. Michael Prager, our colleague from the Jülich Center of Neutron Sciences. He passed away on Tuesday 4th November 2008. Since 1975 Michael Prager has worked at the Institute for Solid State Research (IFF) at the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH on the topics of molecular...[more]


Open doors 2008: October, 18th 2008, 11:00-18:00


New strategies could save thousands of lives

Mechanical ventilation:[more]


Annual report 2007 now available online


Debate between theorists and engineers resolved:

Physicists at the TU München prove existence of internal stresses in compressors[more]


Just the right touch: Doping with neutrons

Producing semiconductors for energy-saving high-performance electronics[more]