Danish company uses neutrons to test electrolysis cells

The Danish company Haldor Topsøe got thanks to the EU project SINE 2020 at ANTARES interesting radiograpies of its electrolysis cells. [more]


Research grant for development of positron pulses of unprecedented intensity

The German DFG has granted support for the development of a pulsed positron source that will enable investigations of exotic states of matter and mixes of matter and antimatter.[more]


FRM II reactor driver will be chief of 3900 firefighters

For 24 years Manfred Danner is employed as a reactor operator at the atomic egg and the FRM II, since Friday he has an additional job.[more]


Podcast in Deutschlandfunk: "New facilitiy for a radioactive contrast agent"

"Forschung aktuell" reports about the construction of a molybdenum-99 facility at the FRM II.


Master program for material scientists

Students can now apply for the Master Program. The application deadlines are different for the country of origin: for non-EU students, they will end on 31 January 2017; EU students must apply until 28 February 2017. All those who do not need a scholarship will have time until 15 May 2017.[more]


New point of attack against stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori

There is a strong suspicion that Helicobacter pylori is linked to the development of stomach cancer. Now an international team of researchers led by Prof. Donald R. Ronning (University of Toledo, USA) has used neutrons to unlock the secret to the functionality of an important enzyme in the bacterium's metabolism. This could be used as a point of...[more]


Crystalline structure of ice clouds and their formation clarified

Anyone who has ever looked out of the window during an intercontinental flight has probably already seen it: cirri, the ice clouds in the upper troposphere (8-12 km high) look like rattled cotton. But also in the lower stratosphere (15-20 km altitude) there are ice clouds, so-called polar stratospheric clouds (abbr. PSCs). These are seen very...[more]


Focused Interactions Important for Protein Dynamics

The influence of interactions in high protein concentrations is extremely difficult to quantify experimentally. Neutron scattering experiments performed among other places at the J-NSE instrument at MLZ have now made studies possible in physiological concentrations. [more]


Bauernfeind Medal for Franz Wagner

For his commitment to the Campus Choir Garching (CCG), the Technical University of Munich awarded the Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal to the long-term FRM II employee Franz Michael Wagner. [more]


Smooth transition in FRM II administration

Johannes Nußbickel follows Dr. Klaus Seebach as Managing Director.[more]