Bad times for truffle counterfeiters: Neutrons detect trace elements in popular edible mushrooms

Truffles are among the most expensive foodstaffs worldwide. One kilogram of white truffles from Italy can be sold for as high as 9,000 euros. Until now, it was not possible to verify the origin of this exquisite edible mushrooms with absolute certainty. However, scientists at...[more]


German-French workshop: How will Europe maintain its pole position in neutron science?

The Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) and the French Neutron Scattering Federation (2DFN) organized a German-French workshop on the research campus in Garching from the 14th until the 16th May 2019. As two national neutron sources in Germany and France will be decommissioned at...[more]


Iron selenide revealed as ‘garden-variety iron-based superconductor’

In the pantheon of unconventional superconductors, iron selenide is a rock star. But new experiments by U.S., Chinese and European physicists have found the material’s magnetic persona to be unexpectedly mundane. The group published the results in Nature Materials.[more]


A scientific festival: The MLZ at StreetScience

Research and science fascinate people anywhere and at any time. This was proven once again at this year’s Streetlife Festival in Munich. Despite the initially bad weather, many of the 230,000 visitors came to see us. So, only after a short while, there was a giant queue of old...[more]


Superconductor with a twist

American, Chinese and German scientists have found tiny distortions among the otherwise symmetrical atomic order of an iron pnictide superconductor with measurements at the triple axes spectrometer TRISP. They have thus come closer to superconductivity at higher temperatures. [more]


A life for neutron research: In mourning of Erich Steichele

He developed the world's first neutron time-of-flight diffractometer with a 150-meter-long neutron guide at the Atomic Egg in Garching and planned the instruments at the research neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz. Now Erich Steichele has died at the age of 80 near Bad...[more]


Exceptions become the rule

Electrons and their atomic nuclei influence their respective motions in more materials than previously assumed. Scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Forschungszentrum Jülich made this discovery during measurements conducted at TUM’s research neutron...[more]


Happy Easter

We wish you a happy Easter and a successful egg hunt!


Energy for teachers

The university comes to the school. Under this motto, approximately 70 teachers from all over Bavaria listened to and discussed the talks of the university lecturers on the topic "Renewable Energies" at the 43th Edgar-Lüscher-Seminar.[more]


Christoph Hugenschmidt appointed as adjunct professor

The Physics Department of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has appointed PD Dr. Christoph Hugenschmidt adjunct professor for the subject "Physics with positrons" at the chair E21 on 15 January. Thereby TUM recognizes the scientific achievements of the 49-year-old as well...[more]

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