First Instrument from JCNS arrived in Garching

Not even one months after the inauguration of the Jülich Center for Neutron Science JCNS, the first neutron spectrometer arrived on March 15th at the Forschungsneutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) in Garching. After the decision of the Forschungszentrums Jülich to shut...[more]


5th reactor cycle end

Wednesday, 1.3.06 the reactor was shut down after the regular end of the 5th cycle. The 6th cycle is scheduled for start-up on 24.3.06. The break between the 2 cycles will  be used for routine tests and for installation of new neutron guide systems.[more]


Review of the year 2005

Successful Start of Routine Operation at FRM II[more]


Shutdown on Sunday, 22.1.2006

The reactor has been shut down on Sunday, 22.01. 2006 due to a warnig signal in the secondary cooling system, where the cause can not be checked during power operation. This procedure is in accordance with the operating guidelines (BHB) for the FRM-II. The directorate of the...[more]


N-REX+ Einweihungsfeier

Das Neutronen-Röntgen-Konstrast-Reflektometer N-REX+ wurde am 24.11.2005 eingeweiht. The neutron / X-ray contrast reflectometer N-REX+ was inaugurated on 2005-11-24. [more]


Third cycle of FRM-II is running

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On July,12th the FRM-II was started up, as scheduled, to the nominal power of 20MW. Thus the third power cycle of FRM-II is running. With a short, planned break in early August, the end-of-cycle is scheduled for September 6th 2005.[more]


End of second cycle

After successful operation of 48 days the reactor was shut down on 24.6.2005 at 10:46 due to a perturbation on a sensor monitoring the flux of the cooling water. The cooling itself was not disturbed. This shut down ends the second cycle. The remaining 4 days of operation will...[more]


Neutron source operating regularly again

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In the evening of 14. June 2005 FRM-II had to shutdown due to a current interruption in the electricity network in the Garching region. This current interruption was caused by a thunderstorm. Whereas the current came back after a few seconds, restarting of FRM-II had to wait...[more]


Annual report 2004 available online

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High Flux Neutron Source now in routine operation

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Transfer of the neutron source from the general contractor Siemens to TUM is perfect[more]