BMBF supports FRM II-contribution to the design of the ESS


The planned European Spallation Neutron Source (ESS) in Sweden is supported from Bavaria. Scientists of the FRM II will help to develop instruments and novel detectors.

A visualization of the European spallation source, which will be built in Lund, Sweden. First neutrons are expected in 2019.

In total, the project will be supported with 1,2 million Euros, 840.000 Euros of which are granted by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

In a joint research collaboration the FRM II and the Helmholtz centres in Jülich, Geesthacht and Berlin will invest 21 million Euros for the next three years, starting on December 1st. Whereof 6 million Euros are provided by the research institutions themselves.

The neutron source in Garching will bring in its broad experience in using the neutron beams. Amongst others, new spectrometers and large area detectors will be developed for the ESS with the aid of the FRM II. Furthermore, the TU München is strongly engaged in the development of concepts for an imaging facility using a pulsed beam at the ESS. The imaging beamline will be part of the day-one instrumentation of the ESS.

The engagement of the FRM II at the ESS is the first step to realize the actions defined in the Memorandum of Understanding, TUM and ESS have signed in May 2010. After the technical developments, it is further envisaged to extend the collaboration with the ESS to scientific projects and education as well as the usage of the beam lines for industrial applications.

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