IAEA Director General visits neutron source


At the beginning of his inaugural visit to Germany, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano toured on October 6th the high intensity neutron source FRM II.

Yukiya Amano at his speech at the neutron source.

The flag of the IAEA in front of the neutron source.

Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry (r.), Scientific Director of the FRM II, showed Director General Yukiya Amano (l.), the Minister of Science Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch (M.) and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmidt of Jülich the reactor pool.

He referred to the FRM II as “one of the most modern nuclear facilities in Europe with robust safety and security features ”. 

Mr. Amano was accompanied by the Bavarian State Minister for Science, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, president of the TUM, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann, as well as the directors of the neutron source. Minister Heubisch welcomed the important visitor “at the neutron source with the broadest spectrum of applications in the world”. 

At the tour of the neutron source, the Director General of the IAEA was especially interested in the medical applications of the facility. The FRM II will contribute to the future supply with radioisotopes for the nuclear medicine in Europe to diagnose cancer. Mr. Amano was impressed by the possibility to fight certain tumours by the treatment with fast neutrons at the FRM II. 

In the experimental hall of the neutron source, the scientific director Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry explained how physicists explore material functions by using neutrons, for example to explain the phenomenon of the superconduction at high temperatures or by improving batteries for electro mobility. Yukiya Amano was impressed by the large variety of research with neutrons at the FRM II .


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