MaMaSELF: International students visit the FRM II


Apply now for the ERASMUS Mundus programme MaMaSELF (Master in Materials Science for Energy application and use of Large Scale Facilities). The deadlines are February 10th 2019 for Non-European students, March 24th 2019 for European students, and May 15th 2019 for self-funded students.

MaMaSELF Students from TUM and LMU with Prof. Winfried Petry (4th from left, TUM/FRM II), Laura Guasco (2nd from left, former MaMaSELF student, now PHD Student at Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, working at the MLZ) and Karin Kleinstück (3rd from left,MaMaSELF coordinator at TUM and LMU).

Students of the ERASMUS Mundus programme MaMaSELF+ (Master in Materials Science for Energy application and use of Large Scale Facilities) joined a tour of the research neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) in Garching on December 5th 2018. The former scientific director of the FRM II, Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry, explained the function of the neutron source and some of the instruments. Laura Guasco informed about her work at the NREX neutron reflectometer.

MaMaSELF is a two-year international Master course in Materials Science fully taught in English, delivering multiple Master degrees, and recognized as European formation of excellence in this field since 2007. The joint programme covers fundamentals of Materials (structure and dynamics of condensed matter, and chemical, mechanical and physical properties of materials). MaMaSELF+ also proposes focus on energy related applications (energy conversion, storage and efficiency, nanomaterials, geomaterials, smart materials). One specific aim of the MaMaSELF program is to explain the application of "Large scale facilities" for the characterization and development of materials. The Master course’s structure consists in 3 semesters of classes plus a 4thsemester dedicated to a Master-thesis / internship in highly recognized European Universities in France, Germany, Italy and Poland, among others also at the research neutron source FRM II.

The MaMaSELF Consortium includes 6 primary European Universities in the field of Materials sciences, Engineering Physics, Chemistry:

University of Rennes 1, France,
University of Montpellier, France,
Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany,
Ludwig-Maximilians University in München (LMU), Germany,
University of Torino, Italy
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

The partners have a large background in materials science and a long collaboration with Large Scale Facilities. They are located in culturally and historically rich European towns. Through full integration of teaching and research, the consortium universities have managed to bring together different specializations in a unique course program.


Karin Kleinstück

The application deadlines are:
- Deadline for Non-European students scholarship applications: February 10th 2019,
- Deadline for European students scholarship applications: March 24th 2019,
- Final deadline for all students: May 15th 2019.