Reactor pool

Reactor pool without water. (Photo: FRM II/TUM)

The reactor pool surrounds the moderator tank. It also contains the hot source, cold source as well as numerous irradiation facilities. In addition, the primary cooling circuit and secondary shutdown rods as well as control rod are located in the reactor pool. The top of the pool is open to the reactor hall. Using a movable bridge and handling equipment, staff can gain in-depth access to the pool.

The water in the reactor pool may be lowered for maintenance as necessary. For this purpose, a gate separating the reactor and storage pools is used.

Storage pool

The storage pool can be separated from the reactor pool using a gate. (Photo: W. Schürmann / TUM)

In the storage pool, which adjoins the reactor pool, there are 50 positions for spent fuel elements. Even silicon crystals can, immediately after irradiation, decay here in their parked position. The storage pool has direct under-water access to the hot cell, in which highly radioactive materials, such as radioisotopes irradiated at FRM II can be packed whilst safely shielded.