Workshop on NEUtron WAVElength dependent IMAGING



Workshop for NEUtron WAVElength-dependent IMAGING
Garching, Germany, April 20-24, 2008

Digital Neutron Imaging with many new techniques has been established at many neutron sources. Recently, several new developments have used energy-dependent effects to gain additional information from the images. These have clearly demonstrated that new approaches for material research become possible. The workshop aims to discuss such techniques that go beyond the use of a white thermal or cold neutron beam. These techniques become more and more important at steady sources, but also for the future spallation sources ISIS-2, SNS, J-PARC and ESS.

The workshop is organized as an addition and preparation to the ITMNR-6 conference to be held in Kobe, Japan, in September 2008. It is supported by the European Network NMI-3 (financially), ENRA and the ISNR (morally, and by manpower).

Topics discussed will include techniques and experiments with:

  • filters to influence the neutron spectrum, like Be and Cd, sapphire
  • neutron velocity selectors
  • fast neutron imaging with fission neutrons or accelerator sources
  • double crystal monochromators for neutron energy scans around Bragg cutoffs
  • time-of-flight techniques e.g. at spallation sources
  • applications and experiments using the above techniques
  • data base for comparison and corrections
  • scattering correction algorithms

At least one day will be devoted to "imaging at a future spallation source", discussing the layout of an "ideal" imaging facility as well as imaging techniques and experiments specially devoted to a pulsed spallation source.

This will include:

  • Detector techniques for high time resolution
  • Ideal facility layout for time-of-flight energy selective imaging: best suited moderator, potential chopper, ideal flight path for best pulse spread for energy-resolved measurements
  • Potential use of the gamma flash for imaging
  • Measuring positions close to the target for high-intensity short-time imaging for transient and repetitive motion processes

The Workshop will be held at the Garching Campus of Technische Universität München, Germany, April 20-24, 2008. The workshop will include a poster session and a visit to the FRM II reactor with the neutron imaging facilities ANTARES for cold and thermal neutrons and NECTAR for fast fission neutrons.

Participation is mainly by invitation. Applications for participation by newcomers and students are welcome, but applicants must explain their interest and/or involvement in the specific topic of the workshop in a few sentences. NMI3 sponsors a small amount of travel aid for selected participants (students).

As this is meant to be an active workshop and not a conference, the number of talks will be very limited, with much time devoted to discussions. Groups from the same institute are asked to do joint presentations. Please notify your travel departments that active participation (and thus your travel permission) is explicitly NOT coupled to a talk! Posters will be exhibited at the conference venue.

Talks and posters will be collected and distributed to the participants on DVD. All submitted talks are released for distribution among participants. By submitting your talk, you agree to the internal publication. The publication of proceedings has not yet been discussed.

The workshop itself is free of charge.

We will post additional information and travel directions here and on soon. The user office of FRM II ( will help to organise accommodation in Garching at reduced FRM II rates. Local organising committee: Burkhard Schillinger Thomas Bücherl Vladimira Vodopivec Program Committee: Burkhard Schillinger (TUM-FRM II) Thomas Bücherl (TUM-RCM) Eberhard Lehmann (PSI) Nikolay Kardjilov (HMI)