Tag der offenen Tür, Sonntag,
03. Oktober 2021, 9 - 18 Uhr


On Sunday, 3.10.2021, we will guide you through one of the world’s most modern research neutron sources.

Look at the reactor pool and learn more about the non-destructive investigation of matter with neutrons. There is plenty of information, lectures, films, games, Lego models of scientific instruments and the opportunity to have your own questions answered by our scientists:

  • Who is working on the research neutron source FRM II??
  • How does such a high-performance research reactor work?
  • What is radioactivity and where do we encounter it in everyday life?
  • Why are neutrons used for research?
  • Why are radioisotopes/radiopharmaceuticals used for cancer therapy?
  • Why can bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?



Then visit the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum on Sunday, 3.10.2021.
The meeting place this time is the new Science Congress Center Munich (GALILEO), Walther-von-Dyck-Strasse 10, 85748 Garching near Munich.


For guided tours please register in advance: https://indico.frm2.tum.de/e/Maustag2021

On the open day there will be guided tours through the research neutron source again. All visitors have to register and it means to be fast and not to come without a valid identity card!

You can already register for 03 October under the following link: https://indico.frm2.tum.de/e/Maustag2021


Very important: Please note our access rules:

  • Minimum age: 18 years,
  • Valid identity card or passport (residence permit or driving licence are not sufficient!),
  • Guided tours ONLY possible for fully vaccinated as well as recovered persons (with proof),
  • No access for pregnant women and nursing mothers,
  • Sturdy shoes are strongly recommended (the visitor's path leads over long stretches of gratings!),
  • No cameras or mobile phones (they have no reception anyway). Backpacks, jackets and umbrellas can be left for free in our wardrobe.

Talks of the FRM II in Lecture Hall 2 of the Department of Physics
Time Titel Speaker
10.00 Uhr The FRM II - a nuclear facility for science Dr. Christian Reiter
11.00 Uhr Neutrons to fight cancer Florian Jeschke
12.30 Uhr Medical applications at FRM II Dr. Tobias Chemnitz
13.30 Uhr Superconductivity - Dance of the electrons Dr. Johanna Jochum
14.30 Uhr Hydrogen - yesterday, today & tomorrow Dr. Michael Heere
15.30 Uhr Neutrons to fight cancer Florian Jeschke
16.30 Uhr Medical applications at FRM II Dr. Tobias Chemnitz

Information booth of the FRM II and MLZ with:

  • Lego model of scientific instruments (TRISP, ANTARES)
  • Short films
  • Neutron game for children
  • Information material on the research neutron source
  • Information material on the world's most intensive positron source "NEPOMUC"

Information booth of the Radiation Protection with:

  • Tasks of radiation protection at the research neutron source
  • Measuring instruments for the determination of radioactivity
  • Exhibits for self-measurement
  • Environmental monitoring of the FRM II: What is tested for radioactivity how and where?

Information booth of the Positron Source with:
The Physics Department operates the world's most intense positron source at FRM II.

    How are these exotic particles generated?
    What are the current research areas in positrons?

The short films give an insight into the research, medical and industrial applications at FRM II and the functioning of the research neutron source.