A one year master's course in Materials Science

During 4.5 cycles the neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz provided neutrons during 232 days for science and industry.

We extend the abstract deadline for the NEUWAVE workshop until December 16th.

50 Years of Neutrons in Garching - and their Future

Celebratory colloquium at the Physik-Department, TU München Prime Minister Dr. Günther Beckstein and other prominent speakers from politics, industry and science emphasized the importance of neutron science for Germany. The FRM II thanks the Prime minister and all other speakers for the… [read more]

Students from Ukraine and China are the first participants in the EU-Mastercourse MaMaSELF („Master of Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities") at the Technische Universität München. Their studies focus on neutrons and the possibilities they provide for materials research. The…


30. October 2007 at FRM II, Garching [read more]

First FRM II User Meeting

The first FRM II User Meeting will be held on 30. October at FRM II [read more]

50 Year Neutron Research in Garching

Celebratory colloquium on October, 31st. [read more]

Erasmus-Mundus Fellowships for European Students in the MaMaSELF Master Course.

Our facility grows: The first additional building has been finished.