FRM II reactor driver will be chief of 3900 firefighters

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For 24 years Manfred Danner is employed as a reactor operator at the atomic egg and the FRM II, since Friday he has an additional job.

Manfred Danner was elected as the new County Fire Commissioner of the Freising district on 13 January and is now responsible for the training, the operational capacity and the emergency planning throughout the county. (Photo: Barbara Weinmann/Landratsamt Freising)

Friday, January 13, 2017, was a lucky day for Manfred Danner, for he was elected by 81 commanders of the fire brigades in the district of Freising to be its district counselor, and was confirmed by district administrator Josef Hauner, who served as election leader. This means, that the 45-year-old family father will have two responsible and time-intensive areas of application, which he has to cope with: On the FRM II, he works as a deputy shift manager in a 3-shift operation, which gives the passionate firefighter the freedom to officiate as district counselor of the county of Freising after examination by the Government of Oberbayern.

Since 30 years Manfred Danner is already member of the volunteer fire brigade in his home town Thonstetten, where he lives with his family until today. He had been county fire chief, responsible for six branches of the fire brigade in Freising County, only in office for nearly two years, but he had already gained a great deal of prominence among his colleagues during his 13 years of activity as district youth director. Perhaps this was a reason to be able to skip the next stage of the inspector; a second was his convincing application concept to keep the fire brigade future-proof. The first goal is the maintenance and expansion of the local fire brigades, as this is necessary to be at the site 10 minutes after the announcement. This is an important basis for recruitment and training of neophytes. The training centers are likewise at the stop in its capacity. Manfred Danner successfully presented his future concept on 13th of January in the large meeting room of the District office Freising and has now been voted by an overwhelming majority and only seven votes for six years. District administrator Josef Hauner not only wished him luck, but also gave him the future tasks of "organizer, motivator and moderator".

At the FRM II, Manfred Danner has something different to do but also with fire fighting. After his training as a power electronics technician, Manfred Danner came to the atomic egg in 1993 and began his training as a reactor driver. In the meantime, he is second shift leader at FRM II and – of course – Fire Protection Officer. As a reactor driver he works in shifts, with three shifts per day ensuring the correct operation of the neutron source for 24 hours a day. "For me, this is an advantage because I go to work and back outside the peak hours, knowing my times for the whole year in advance and so also have times during the usual office times for my appointments as a County Fire Commissioner without having to take a day off" says Danner," but there was never a problem when I had to march out to an emergency." He did not want to claim the generosity of his superior, the technical director, too much. In the future, however, he will be assisted by a deputy and five inspectors, who will be able to relieve him - also at the numerous appointments. Two typists are available to him for the extensive correspondence, so that he still remains as reactor driver at the FRM II.

As a County Fire Commissioner, Danner’s job also includes parts of the TUM fire brigade, because Weihenstephan belongs to the district of Freising. Of course, he has the best relations with the fire brigade on the campus, especially since there is now a colleague sitting. The TUM employs a second County Fire Commissioner: Willi Vogl, County Fire Commissioner of the Erding County, works full-time at the TUM Plant Fire Brigade.