Ismail Zöybek has again been awarded for his ingenious invention for wastewater treatment at the research neutron source FRM II. This time the Bavarian State Ministry for Home and Finance awarded FRM II’s technician during an innovation congress in Nuremberg. [more]

55 students from 13 different countries participated at the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science Labcourse at MLZ this year. They learned neutron scattering in lectures in Jülich and experiments at the research neutron source in Garching. [more]

An article examining lithium telluride and lithium selenide at the MLZ for their superionic properties has won the prize for the best publication of 2018 in the journal “Solid State Ionics”. These materials could be used in electrodes of lithium ion batteries. The work is characterized above all by its detailed and didactic structure and provides... [more]

The League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS) held its second General Assembly at Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble yesterday, preceded on Tuesday by meetings of its five working groups and the LENS Executive Board. Numerous members of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Center also participated in the meeting. [more]

Prof. Dr. Götz Eckold has now been awarded the Prize for Instrumentation and Scientific Use of the MLZ for his many years of extraordinary commitment. The MLZ honours his great commitment to instrumentation and in particular the instrument PUMA (the three axes spectrometer that in German stands for Polarisationsanalyse Und Multi-Analysator). ... [more]

In the last years, lithium ion batteries have spread widely, in particular in mobile applications and in the electromobility sector. New concepts and materials emerge rapidly. These need to be characterized and their interplay needs to be understood in order to increase the efficiency and the lifespan of batteries built upon them. A collaboration of... [more]

Dr. Thiyaga P. Thiyagarajan, from the US Department of Energy (DoE), paid a visit to FRM II and MLZ. He took the opportunity to talk with scientists from MLZ and the physics department as well as operations management and science leaders. [more]

More than 500 visitors enjoyed a guided tour at the Research Neutron Source’s Open Day and Mouse Day again this year. In addition to the visitors’ tours, children and adults enjoyed a colorful accompanying program in the physics department. [more]

"The neutron - infinite possibilities." FRM II and MLZ presented themselves under this motto at this year's Highlights of Physics. The science festival took place from 16 to 21 September at several locations in Bonn and attracted around 60,000 interested visitors with its various exhibits, lectures and interactive activities. [more]

The development of new and, above all, safer nuclear fuels is a worldwide goal, in which the Idaho National Laboratory and the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Centre are also playing a major role. In order to test the loading capacity of fuel elements, they are first exposed to extreme conditions and then investigated. Now, researchers from both institutes... [more]