New instrument for x-ray tomography

In order to offer an x-ray facility complementary to the neutron tomography station ANTARES, the FRM II and the Chair for Biomedical Physics at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen have started to operate a new computer tomography facility.

The new high resolution computer tomograph.

Image of rabbit bones with screws.

The  "micro CT VtomeX" is located at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer who received the most renowned German research prize, the Leibniz-prize, in 2010. The new computer tomography facility is also available for FRM II users. 

Samples, that can be examined, include geo and composite materials, semiconductors and biomedical specimens.

First test measurements with a screw in rabbit bones simulating a metal implant show good results (see figure). Usually, artefacts occur around metal implants in medical tomography. Using the new facility, on the contrary, the bone structure close to the screw is still well differentiated.

The x-ray tomography station is featured by its high flexibility: Due to two different exchangeable x-ray tubes, both, pictures with high resolution and pictures with lower resolution but higher contrast, can be taken. The detector allows for fast and highly contrasted pictures. The reconstruction of the data is accomplished within a few minutes due to a cluster of four computers using graphic cards to calculate the images.

More information about the facility on the webpage of the Chair for Biomedical Physics and on page 14 of FRM II News No. 5. 

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