Winterterm 2007: The first ERASMUS MUNDUS students at the Physics Department and FRM II

Students from Ukraine and China are the first participants in the EU-Mastercourse

MaMaSELF („Master of Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities") at the Technische Universität München.

Their studies focus on neutrons and the possibilities they provide for materials research. The high flux neutron source FRM II and the lectures and seminars at the Physics Department are offering the best conditions for that purpose.

After having spent 6 months at Technische Universität München they will move to the university of Rennes or Turin, both members of the MaMaSELF-consortium.

The EM master-courses, which have been approved by the European Union, aim mainly at outstanding students from non-EU countries allowing them to take part in European research and development.

The MaMaSELF master course will be offered for a period of 5 years.

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