Environmental monitoring

The monitoring of emissions and immissions is one of the duties of Radiation Protection.

Radiation Protection continuously monitors the gaseous or liquid radioactive substances emitted via the exhaust air chimney outlet and wastewater. In addition, samples from the vicinity of the FRM II are examined for their radioactive content.

Measured values monitored

There are fixed monitoring stations for emission control located in the vent stack of the reactor and on the precinct of the FRM II and campus. All relevant values measured can be retrieved via the control system and are also transferred to the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) (nuclear reactor remote monitoring system KFÜ, current values of KFÜ). In addition, the LfU operates its own monitoring network to measure the dose rate in the vicinity of all Bavarian nuclear facilities.

Under the directive on emission and immission (REI), an independent monitoring station examines samples from the vicinity of the neutron source to determine the levels of radioactivity. These include water, aerosols, vegetables, milk, cereals and fish (current data of REI).

Weather tower records data

The Meteorological Institute of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich operates a weather station on the Oskar-von-Miller-tower of the Garching Campus on behalf of the FRM II. With the help of recorded weather data (wind direction, speed and precipitation) and the radioactive emissions, the annual radiation dose is calculated for a fictitious reference sample person.