Radiation monitoring of the FRM II and the people working there

Radiation Protection is not only tasked with monitoring the doses of all those working in radiation protected areas of the FRM II (internal and external staff, such as users and contractors) but also the radiation protection monitoring of the FRM II.

The monitoring of doses includes radiation protection training, equipping people with personal dosimeters, monitoring deadlines for medical examinations for radiation protection and the incorporation of the employees of the FRM II.

Annual instruction

Prior to their first access to controlled areas of the FRM II, all personnel must be trained on the subjects of radiation protection and behavior in the controlled area. The complexity of the instruction depends on the particular activity. The instruction is repeated annually.

To monitor the legal limits for the personal dose, all those working in the controlled areas of the FRM II are equipped with personal dosimeters. In addition to the official dosimeters, an unofficial, electronic dosimeter is also worn. The latter gives an audible alarm when preset limits are exceeded.

In addition to the external radiation exposure monitored via dosimeters, exposure to internal radioactive substances is also monitored. Internal radiation exposure is caused by radioactive substances taken up by the body (incorporated). To monitor the legal limits, excretion analyses and whole-body measurements are undertaken.

In addition, all professionally exposed employees of the FRM II are medically examined once a year.

Monitoring the regulations

In addition, the employees responsible for radiation protection ensure that all radiation protection regulations and restrictions are adhered to at the instruments, as well as during the operation and maintenance of the reactor. In order to carry out its monitoring responsibilities, Radiation Protection is equipped with a variety of mobile measuring devices and instruments.

There are also fixed monitoring stations in the reactor building and in the experimental halls, which can be queried by the Radiation Protection online via the operational control system.

Furthermore, Radiation Protection also takes care of the release of goods and materials from the controlled areas as well as radioactive waste and the testing and maintenance of radiation protection instrumentation.