Workshop: Neutrons for geoscience


The aim of the workshop was to bring together experienced as well as young researchers using neutron beams for Geoscience. 50 scientists of the leading German institutes for Geoscience discussed the different applications: from basic science in studies of structure of material to the high temperatures and pressure in the inner earth.

Another application is the defining of age in minerals with neutron activation analysis. The geoscience is not limited to the earth. At FRM II meteorites of Mars have already been analyzed. With its high precision instrumentation FRM II offers especially for geoscience an ideal research environment.

Prof. Winfried Petry announced, that the experimental facilities will be expanded. Part of the plans is a facility, where conditions of the earth crust can be simulated: extremely high pressure combined with high temperatures. It could help to understand, how water solves in magma under high pressure and temperature and changes the fluidity.

Program outline

14. July 2006, 9:00 Registration 9:30 Welcome and presentation of the FRM II Experiments under extreme conditions 9:45 High pressure research in Geoscience with neutrons, H. Keppler, Bayreuth 10:15 Contributed talks Texture investigations in Geoscience 11:30 Neutron texture analyses for the understanding of geological processes, B. Leiss, Göttingen 12:00 Contributed talks 12:45 Lunch break together with poster session and presentation of instruments at the FRM II.

Structure research

14:00 Neutron studies of mineral stability at combined high-P/T: techniques and insights, S. Redfern, Cambridge
14:30 Contributed talks
15:30 Application of 'unconventional' neutron scattering techniques in the Earth Sciences: SANS, QENS, NRAS and neutronography, B. Winkler, Frankfurt
16:00 Angle-dispersive neutron diffraction at high-pressure with opposed anvil cells, K. Knorr, Kiel 16:30 General discussion and summary


Technische Universität München
Forschungsneutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)
Scientific office
85747 Garching

Phone: +49 89 289 14965
Fax: +49 89 289 14995

Accepted Talks

Neutron diffraction structure investigation of the stannite-kesterite join Susan Schorr, Hans-Joachim Hoebler and Michael Tovar
Neutron imaging for soil physics Peter Vontobel, R. Hassanein, A. Carminati, A. Kaestner,P. Lehmann, A. Koliji
Strain-texture relations in geomaterials studied by TOF neutron diffraction Christian Scheffzük, Alexander Frischbutter, Kurt Walther
Phase Transitions in Transition Metal Monooxides: Interplay Between Structural, Magnetic, and Electronic Properties Leonid Dubrovinsky
Textures of naturally and experimentally deformed hematite ores Siemes, H., Klingenberg, B., Rybacki, E., Naumann, M., Walter, J. M., Jansen, E., Kunze, K.
The need for TOF diffractometry to determine the behaviour of complex materials in external fields Wolfgang Schmahl
Neutron research on extraterrestric materials Friedrich Frey
Neutron texture analyses for the understanding of geological processes and the anisotropic physical properties Bernd Leiss
Tectonic studies using neutron texture goniometry: examples from the Alps Nikolaus Froitzheim, Jan Pleuger
Inelastic Neutron Scattering in the Geosciences: Example Studies of Quartz, Leucite and Enstatite Hans Boysen
Application of ‚unconventional’ neutron scattering techniques in the Earth sciences Bjoern Winkler
Angle-dispersive neutron diffraction at high pressure with opposed anvil cells Karsten Knorr
Neutron studies of mineral stability at combined high-P/T: techniques and insights Simon Redfern

Accepted Posters

Investigation of building stones using Neutron Radiography and Tomography F. Hameed, A. Rohatsch, M. Zawisky
The cold TAS PANDA - performance and prospects after a year of operation P. Link, A. Schneidewind and M. Loewenhaupt
PUMA, Thermal Triple Axis Spectrometer at FRM II Kaudia Hradil, H. Schneider, G. Eckold, J. Neuhaus
Texture-related and experimental P-wave anisotropy of rocks from the TRANSALP seismic traverse Klaus Ullemeyer and Jan H. Behrmann
Neutron diffraction in comparison to light-optical and X-ray texture analysis of a quartz-feldspar mylonite Michael Stipp, Bernd Leiss and Klaus Ullemeyer
Phonons at the phase transition Ortho- to Protoenstatite Astrid Schneidewind, Arno Hiess, Hans Boysen
Concept of a new TOF-Texture and Powder Diffractometer for Geo- and Material Sciences at FRM-II, Garching Germany Jens M. Walter, Hans Boysen, Donald Bruce Dingwell, Agust Gudmundsson, Bent T. Hansen, Kai-Uwe Hess, Bernd Leiss, Wolfgang Schmahl, Michael Stipp
Crystal and magnetic structure of Co-olivine A. Sazonov, V. Kaiser, G. Heger, M. Meven, V. Hutanu
The single crystal diffractometer RESI Bjoern Pedersen
The new Materials Science Diffractometer STRESS-SPEC at FRM-II Ulf Garbe
The ANTARES facility for neutron imaging Burkhard Schillinger