Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)


Breaking a magnet into two pieces, reveals a north and a south pole in each of them. Independent magnetic monopoles have been known as emergent excitations in one special class of magnetic crystals only. An international team of researchers has now for the first time detected magnetic monopoles with neutrons in a material that conducts electricity. ... [more]

Currently, the FRM II supplies neutrons for research, industry and medicine until 16.3. As a precautionary measure, the Research Neutron Source has postponed the following cycle from the beginning of April to the beginning of May. Because scientific users could not come to the measurements due to travel restrictions because of corona. ... [more]

Soup freezes at sub-zero temperatures, by forming small islands of ice germs first. Magnetic structures, so-called skyrmions, behave very similarly, as scientists have discovered with the help of neutrons for the first time at the MLZ. [more]