Wide range of services for companies and commercial research institutes
Automotive industry, semiconductor industry, aerospace, mechanical engineering, chemistry, medical technology, environment and energy as well as geology, archaeology and art history

The Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Research Neutron Source (FRM II) offers industry and commercial research institutes a broad spectrum of unique analysis possibilities and applications. It has irradiation facilities for the production of radioisotopes, enables chemical analysis by neutron activation, the doping of silicon through to non-destructive component testing and investigations into material development.

  • Access to the scattering instruments and irradiation facilities for industrial users depends on current availability and can usually be set up at short notice.
  • The costs depend on the equipment, the duration and scope of use and whether additional requirements are made, such as for the evaluation of the measurements.

Material analysis

Non-destructive material testing and investigations into material development.

Radioisotopes for industry

Production of preparations that are used in density or level measuring devices and for calibration, or also for gamma sterilization of medical products.

Silicon doping

Doping of high-purity silicon, which is used in the semiconductor industry for high-performance electronics, for example.