FRM II is subject to the highest safety standards. These include measures for the core design and cooling, the stability of the buildings and safety- related installations encompassing the monitoring of emissions and, not least, the control of access for both people and materials. The security arrangements also include an on-going training program, coordinated with the supervisory authority, for all employees, as well as explicit evidence of expert knowledge for staff who have specific responsibilities for nuclear operations.

Measures against flood, earthquakes and plane crashes

The requirements by German and international regulations are met at the FRM II by a wide margin. For example, measures against

  • an assumed ten thousand year flood of the river Isar,
  • earthquake resistance,
  • or the crash of a fast-flying military or large passenger aircraft are covered.

Inspections under supervision

National and international experts have repeatedly affirmed the high standards observed by FRM II, even in the wake of a special test following the accident in Fukushima. Inspectors from the nuclear supervisory authority are in attendance for all safety-related measures on site and are able to reassure themselves also during the almost daily inspections and tests of the conditions at FRM II.