Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)


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The origin of everything: exploring the early solar system

Where did the Earth originate? Why do planets look the way they do? How did the solar system form? These big questions have been driving mankind forward since forever – and the answer is made up of an infinite number of small details. Researchers at the Heinz Maier-Leibniz Research Neutron Source are working to uncover some of these details.

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On bodies and sky discs

The 44th Edgar-Lüscher Seminar attracted more than 50 teachers from all over Bavaria to Zwiesel from July 4 to 8. This year, the renowned training course followed “Physics in Archaeology and Art History” and dealt with the latest neutron methods in the examination of paintings by Van Gogh or the Nebra Sky Disk.

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8th TUM Expert Forum: A platform for industrial applications

On 08.09.2022, the Expert Committee 101 Non-Destructive Testing of the VDI Society Materials Engineering met for another platform meeting for application-oriented networking. Ten presentations under the umbrella term "Automation and Machine Learning in Nondestructive Testing" were held. A poster exhibition and a concluding panel discussion provided the opportunity for…

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Mourning for FRM II project manager Anton Axmann

At the age of 85, Dr. Anton Axmann passed away on August 30, 2022. Under his guidance, the construction permits for the research reactor were issued and the buildings were constructed. As an enthusiastic nuclear engineer, he ensured the optimal alignment of the beam tubes, a cold source with a particularly high neutron flux, and a hot source to expand the range of…