Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)



Working together on the path to conversion

Technische Universität München as operator of the neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) actively participates in international fuel research with the aim to develop new nuclear fuels with lower enrichment and increased uranium density for high performance research reactors such as the FRM II. The working group “High density fuels” works on...[more]


Discussion meeting on the new water rights application of the TUM

The two TUM institutes, Forschungs-Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) and Radiochemie München (RCM), have applied to the District Office of Munich for a higher water law permit. In a public hearing on 23 July 2019 in the Ismaninger Bürgersaal, objectors and affected parties were able to express their concerns and discuss them openly...[more]


Open letter of the KFN on the use of FRM II

A scientist prepares his instrument for the neutron measurements.

The elected representation of neutron researchers in Germany (German Committee Research with Neutrons, KFN) descibes the importance of neutron research at FRM II for the whole society in an open letter. It asks for a quick solution of the present transport problem to allow the use of FRM II, which will be the only neutron source in Germany.