Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)



A new light on significantly faster computer memory devices

In an article published online now in Science Advances, a team of scientists from the USA and Germany offer an explanation of how a particular phase-change memory (PCM) material can work a thousand times faster than current flash computer memory, while being significantly more durable with respect to the number of daily read-writes. They have...[more]


General Meeting of "Women in Nuclear" (WiN)

At the end of November the German Chapter of “Women in Nuclear“ (WiN) held its Annual General Meeting at the FRM II. WiN is a worldwide association of women working in the field of nuclear techniques and industries as scientists or engineers, or in other functions.[more]


Four apprentices from the FRM II

They praise the versatility, the opportunity to try something and the friendly colleagues: The research neutron source has sent four apprentices into professional life this year. The three young men and one woman have learned specialized computer science and mechatronics in Garching. [more]