Workshop Micromagnetic Theory & SANS June 21st-/22nd

A workshop on subject of micromagnetic theory and related experimental aspects of small-angle neutron scattering is held on 21-22 of June 2012. Deadline for the submission of abstracts is March 31.

We would like to announce a two-day workshop from 21-22 of June 2012 on the use of micromagnetic theory for the modelling of magnetic SANS data (or magnetic neutron scattering in general). The computation of SANS cross sections based on the continuum theory of micromagnetics is a very promising approach for understanding the magnetic microstructure and corresponding magnetic scattering from nanomagnets. The meeting is also expected to foster the collaboration between experiment and theory.

The workshop will be held at Forschungs-Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) in Garching where experts in SANS and/or micromagnetics will meet and discuss the state-of-the-art in the field.

 Topics/Lectures may include

  • Introduction to the basics of micromagnetic theory
  • Algorithms for microstructure generation
  • Magnetic SANS including polarization analysis
  • SANS instrumentation/data reduction
  • Software packages

For interested participants we will organise a visit of the neutron guide hall with special focus on the SANS instruments. A full scale FRM II tour (including the experimental hall) is possible if requested. Please note that a valid passport is therefore inevitable.

Organising Committee:

Andreas Michels (University of Luxembourg)

Dmitri Berkov and Sergey Erokhin (INNOVENT Technologies)

Andre Heinemann (HZG)

Registration is necessary but there are no fees.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is March 31. Oral and poster contributions are welcome.


Program (in progress)

Invited Talks (45 min):

Dmitri Berkov (Jena): Introduction to the basics of micromagnetism

Sergey Erokhin (Jena): Micromagnetic modeling and small-angle neutron scattering characterization of magnetic nanocomposites

Sergey Grigoriev (PNPI): Magnetic SANS on ferromagnetic nanowires

Uwe Keiderling (HZB): SANS data reduction …

Charles Dewhurst (ILL): SANS instrumentation, Polarization and Software ….

Joachim Kohlbrecher (PSI): Magnetisation reversal processes in composite perpendicular magnetic recording media