Facts & Figures

Start of user operationApril 29, 2005
Number of visting scientists    about 1000 per year
Number of scientific experimentsabout 1000 per year
Number of non-scientific visitors about 3000 per year



Thermal power20 Megawatt
Reactor cycle length60 days
Number of cycles normally 4 per year
Operating days240 days per year
Maximum neutron flux8 · 1014 neutrons/cm2 s-1
Groundbraking ceremonyAugust 1, 1996
First neutronsMarch 2, 2004


Costs / Staff

Budget including staff costs (FRM II and MLZ)55 million € per year
Costs for a fuel element (without disposal)1 million €
Construction costs of the FRM II435 million €
Number of employees on the ground of FRM IIabout 400, including 130 scientists
External funding from industryabout 1,1 million € per year